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Dog - Pants tutorial

(This is a translation of my tutorial in German because I could not find one in English. I'm not a native speaker so please excuse any mistakes!)

Our dog Bibi (pronunced BeeBee) had a nasty tick at her haunch and unfortunately the wound got infected after I removed the tick. She started to lick the tiny wound and would not stop until she was bleeding.
I had to put up a barrier to stop her from licking until the treatment from our vet kicked in and decided on dog pants. As a hard core DIY-Fan I looked up tutorials on the internet, or at least I tried to. I only found one rather general article (it's in German)

Hilfe, wenn Hunde sich wund schlecken - von Design-Zauberei

The idea was great but I guessed that I could avoid the time-consumig construction of pants from scratch by using an old kids T-shirt. You can whip this up in under 10 minutes!

1. Choosing the shirt

The back of my dog is about 50 cm long (approx. 20 inches) and I used a shirt in 104 (this is a German size, US about 4T). To try the shirt on, put your dogs tail through the neck hole and the hind legs through the arm holes. The dog should be able to move comfortably.

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 1 photo 12-2014-001.jpg

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 2 photo 12-2014-002.jpg 

2. Sewing

Before removing the shirt take note of how much material can be taken out on the underside. Draw a wedge on the shirt and sew along this line.

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 3 photo 12-2014-007.jpg

Hunde - Hose Anleitung 3a photo 12-2014-008.jpg

Try on the shirt once more and check how it fits. Do not make it too snug, because it needs some room when the dog is lying down.

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 4 photo 12-2014-012.jpg

3. Add ribbons

Once the pants are fitting well attach some ribbons to fasten the pants to the harness.
I simply cut strips from an old shirt and sewed them on left and right.

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 5 photo 12-2014-015.jpg

It may be necessary to add two more ribbons if your dog is very determined to get rid of his pants. Bibi is very accepting of them, so two ribbons are enough. I think it is a major bother to tie all those bows so I try to get away with using as few of them as possible.

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 7 photo 12-2014-017.jpg

Should your dog take exception of having his tail and legs crammed into a shirt you can also use a zippered shirt. It is easier (but more time-consuming) to put on the pants, because you can zip it up on the dogs back. Warning: at one time some of Bibis fur got stuck in the zipper - not cool!

We both prefer the shirt-pants, the material is thinner and it is on and off in a few seconds. Here is our zippered piece:

Anleitung Hunde - Hose 8 photo 12-2014-019.jpg

Good luck!!!

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